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Pull Push Strength Circuit at Bar Park – Bodyweight Mastery Training

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Pull Push Strength Circuit at Bar Park – Bodyweight Mastery Training


Absolutely amazing workout with no gym required! This simple and easy workout can be done at almost any park. Follow along and do this simple Pull/Push Strength circuit from our body weight mastery program.

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Why Push and Pull?

We often break up workouts into muscle groups and avoid a lot of crossing over. Here we do the opposite. We are specifically going back and forth between opposing muscle groups to help confuse the muscle and build the potential for the complex demands of real life not just a simple workout. Using wolfs law we are preparing the body to use both pull and push together allowing us to work towards complex movements like muscle ups. Hence the push pull workout. For more info on why, when and how join my Kungfunerd Bodyweight Mastery Program Here.


Follow along with our simple push pull strength circuit at almost any park. All you need is low straight bar and you are ready to begin.

The Exercises


Supinated Bodyweight Rows

Palm-up body weight rows are a great way to build muscle and begin working your pull strength. We will do this exercise with a variety of hand positions. Follow the video to see examples.

Pronated Bodyweight Rows

Palm-down body weight rows are a great variation similar to palm up. Again we will do a variety of hand distances apart and together with the palms down to make the most out of this pulling exercise.

Archer Push

Starting from plank and bending into one elbow while keeping the other straight. Often confused with typewriters these push ups are amazing for building push strength.

Knee Archer

Same as above but here you drop your knees to keep working the pushing muscles to fatigue.


Repeat 3- 5 Times

Don’t forget to repeat the set 3- 5 more times with 1 minute of rest in between. Try to do this workout and share if with your friends.


Join the Movement

This simple and effective workout is easy to do anywhere and simple to remember.


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