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Welcome to KungFu Nerd. Join the Kung Fu Nerd Movement today by simply acting impeccably, start to take personal responsibility for your life and accept you have the power to change it.


This space is made with the intent to encourage compassion, growth, dedication, perseverance and harmony for everyone with the simple act of daily personal practice.


Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul.¬†Yet we are all so different, we don’t all want to exercise the same way, nor do we want the same results. That’s why I started Kung Fu Nerd! To share the joys of practicing basic body movements of any kind to achieve a basic level of fitness and health or a higher level of strength and flexibility. Whether you are a ripped bodybuilder who needs to gain flexibility; or a regular guy/gal who is out of shape that wants to improve their overall health. Correct body positioning while performing simple movements you already perform everyday can be the key to the new stronger more flexible you.


for hours of HD content


I believe being healthy is an important part of enjoying ones life.

Our goal is to share the benefits of simple body exercises to keep a health happy mind and fit shapely body.





We challenge you to join us!



The journey of your own self-transformation is worthy endeavor, why wait another lifetime thinking about how you should have started earlier. Cultivate all the skills you need to achieve health, fitness, strength, flexibility,




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