How looking good, starts with FEELING good.

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We are no doubt a society obsessed with beauty and youth. So what could tickle us more than someone telling us that looking good is all about “feeling” good.

Sure, sure, sure.. keep telling us how feeling good is the real secret of beauty. We all know the idea right?

When we feel good about ourselves it doesn’t matter how others see us, as long as we know we are beautiful, we are!

This is truth right?

And this is what I mean when I say feeling good equals looking good?

Well ..


This is indeed true. We can see the root of our title working here upon first glance, but, after a closer examination do we see a fault?

Have we truly accomplished this much sought after state of “looking good” if we only feel good?

What about how others see us?

Well who cares how others see us! Even if you are young and beautiful! Let us say in fact you do look great and have that perfect beach bod, well, there is a chance someone might see you in a not so perfect way.


You might be thinking

f#%* them

(Haters gonna hate)

But wait, DONT BLAME THEM, it’s not their fault. If they can’t love you whether or not you are gorgeous, it’s their loss.

The qualities we dislike in others are often the qualities we dislike about ourselves.

The secret is truly loving yourself at any stage or shape you currently find yourself. Our bodies will alway change so why attach our happiness to one time or shape?

The most beautiful people often don’t have a traditionally attractive “look” but instead radiate with beauty from the inside.

You can always see a person who is so unabashedly themself, they exuberate attractive qualities. Is this how they look, or how they actually feel about themself.

You can’t fake this feeling beautiful thing.

You must truly embody it! And you should! You deserve it!

If you go around feelin weird and insecure, you can try to ignore haters all you want, but if the biggest secret hater is you the whole time, well, enough said.

Do yourself a big favor and stop putting energy towards this self defeating habit today.

Be a sweetheart on yourself today and accept yourself in every imperfect way. Appreciate all the little weakness and strengths you have and accept who you are, a beautiful, amazing, manifestation of consciousness.

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