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So you are interested in Health Eh?

My Health page is entirely about diet and proper eating, if you want exercises head to our Fitness Page. 




Well you should be interested in your Health if you want the most out of your body. You start getting the most out of your body by getting the most out of your food. So . . . .  start by educating yourself. What you ingest should be as fresh, raw and alive as you want to be. Bouncing with vital life force energy. So put down that burrito and go read about juicing. You want to be alive! All the food you eat should be too!

Here is an article from another site about the importance of juicing and using a good juicer.

Have you started Juicing Yet?


Why would this Health page be full of Blenders and Juicing Books?

Because you are what you eat silly!

Eat Fresh Alive RAW Foods!


Have we considered our Health Recently?

We all think we consider our health, but do we really? When was the last time we re-considered our definition of health? How often do we find ourselves still using old ideas and old information just because we haven’t taken the time to re-examine our beliefs.

Letting go of old systems of Health can be a positive transition towards a new you.


What does Health Mean?

Health is considered the metabolic efficiency of a living organism. How can we make sure our metabolic system is running efficiently? Let us examine the Etymology of the word Vegetable;or Vegetarian. The Vegetarian Society say’s that the word vegetarian is derived from the Latin word vegetus, meaning lively or vigorous.

Ahh yes!

We want to eat lively, vigorous food, bursting with chi, this is the essential key to our body, mind and spiritual health. We can achieve all three through proper exercise and diet.


Always Remember the Famous Ayurvedic Quote

“When our diet is right, medicine is of no need, when our diet is wrong, medicine is of no use”.

Use this knowledge wisely my friends.


How do we make Healthier Choices without sacrificing taste?

Sometimes when we quit certain eating habits our taste buds change or develop different tastes. Don’t worry, this is natural, thing that you used to find irresistible will no longer have the same hold over you. This is a good thing! Enjoy trying out new fruits and vegetables with taste buds free from over saturation from meat and dairy. Sometimes you have to push through some tough times to break free from our old taste buds, but don’t give in, you can do it.

I Believe In You!


Don’t wait till tomorrow, start today.