Strength and Fitness Programs with Simple Progressions and BreakDowns



Your body is an amazing tool that deserves your love and affection. Take the time to treat yourself well and learn to care for yourself with proper diet and exercise.



If you think there are secret KungFu training exercises . .  well you are WRONG!



Go to any KungFu or Yoga class and you will find yourself doing similar exercises using your own body as weight and resistance to workout, strengthen and stretch. These examples and many other types of exercises using only body resistance are classified as Calisthenics.



Basically this means that those pushups, sit-ups, or squats you have been avoiding, even running away from, well they are not going anywhere, its time to face them and understand why.


Sure its challenging, You Want That!


Sure it takes effort, You Can Afford That!





are essential in developing the correct alignment and strength

which builds economy of motion leading to freedom of motion.


Performing these exercises correctly and with proper alignment is more important than amount or reps.

These basic exercises are hard even as you advance and progress in your fitness journey so accept them now and learn to enjoy them instead of fighting them or dreading them, either way eventually you will learn to love them and the time you spend with yourself.





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