Welcome to the Kung Fu Nerd Webpage. Join the Kung Fu Nerd Movement today by simply acting impeccably, start to take personal responsibility for your life and accept you have the power to change it. We have made this website with the hopes to inspire and motivate you to pursue a healthy life at any age,  stage or current ability. KungFuNerd.com is about Fitness, Health, Personal Development and Personal Empowerment with Kung Fu , Tai Chi , Yoga and Chi Kung. All of these are considered specializations in a broader group of exercises known as Calisthenics. This space is made with the intent to encourage compassion, growth, dedication, perseverance and harmony for everyone with the simple act of daily personal practice.


Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul. Yet we are all so different, we don’t all want to exercise the same way, nor do we want the same results. That’s why I started Kung Fu Nerd! To share the joys of practicing basic body movements of any kind to achieve a basic level of fitness and health or a higher level of strength and flexibility. Whether you are a ripped bodybuilder who needs to gain flexibility; or a regular guy/gal who is out of shape that wants to improve their overall health. Correct body positioning while performing simple movements you already perform everyday can be the key to the new stronger more flexible you.

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I believe being healthy is an important part of enjoying ones life.

Our goal is to share the benefits of simple body exercises to keep a health happy mind and fit shapely body.





We challenge you to join us!



The journey of your own self-transformation is worthy endeavor, why wait another lifetime thinking about how you should have started earlier. Cultivate all the skills you need to achieve health, fitness, strength, flexibility,


awareness, compassion, and personal growth


Kung-fu has been used for centuries as a way to stay fit and keep healthy. Practice body postures and breathing techniques that have been used for thousands of years without fail. Kung-fu practice for health is hardly the most popular fitness program, there isn’t any cheating, you get out literally what you put in.


Train Hard!!    Believe in yourself, or no one will! 

Train like you mean it. Train like you haven’t trained all week. Train harder for more energy, more chi.

Practicing simple punches and kicks are easy and fun for anyone to practice at anytime, anywhere. Why do you need a gym when you can spend 15 minutes exercising in the comfort of your own home or yard.


Fitness and health are easy for anyone to enjoy with the proper instruction and education and practice. Are you interested in learning how to strengthen and stretch correctly? Are you interested in obtaining a basic level of fitness and health through simple breathing and moving exercises that anyone can do.

Practicing basic body posture exercises and simple stretches has changed my life.

Let the benefits of moving your body strengthen and stretch your muscles into a better you today. Change your life today by simply reading one of our articles and sharing in on Facebook. Making a change is as simple as making a choice.



What does Kung Fu Mean?

Union of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Excellence in any achievable skill through hard work and determination!


Practicing kungfu is the management and cultivation of three fundamental systems you control, your mind, body, and spirit. In fact these are the only things you truly have, so why not learn to use them. We are not only aiming to use, but to unite these systems into one cohesive unit.


Perhaps you have a brilliant mind but you can’t do a single pushup. Maybe you can bench 300 pounds, but you haven’t studied the significance of stretching. With out one or with too much of another things can become difficult in your practice or even in your day to day life.


When we strengthen our body and mind we simultaneously cultivate our spirit.


Strengthen your mind with meditation. 

Meditation is the root of Kungfu and Yoga. Have you taken a breath while letting go today?

Studies have proven that daily meditation is one of the most powerful tools available to you today.


Have you challenged yourself today?

Challenge yourself everyday. Don’t let another day go by without trying what you have been putting off.


Are you looking for a great way to get in shape and stay fit while having fun in the park, your own yard, or even in your own living room. Fitness and Health can be easily acquired for anyone who in genuinely interested.


How you ask?


With the proper education and instruction the simplest everyday tasks can be used to supplement for hours at the gym. Correct body positioning while performing simple movements you already perform everyday can be the key to the new stronger more flexible you in combination with  15 – 20 minutes a day of High Intensity Training of any kind; this can be running, swimming, bicycling, going to a local yoga studio and even practicing a Kung Fu or Karate form at your house.

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As long as you bring your body to a sweat everyday you will achieve a cleaner, fitter, and happier you. Sweat everyday, this is a good rule for anyone who wants to stay feeling alive and well. This should be simple and easy for anyone to accomplish with such a variety of fitness options available.



With proper awareness of body positioning and structure you are able to isolate muscles groups correctly. Simple movements like picking up your car keys after you drop them can be either beneficial or degenerative, the choice is yours every time.




 Quick Quiz




Let us consider you did just drop your car keys, would you? :


A) Lean over bending in your upper back and scoop them up with little thought.

B) Bend at your knees while keeping your back straight until your bottom almost touches your ankles and grab them.

C) Do a Cart-wheel with one hand while you grab your car keys with the other.

D) Practice a one leg knee bend to the ground scoop up your keys while you keep the other leg straight out.

E) Practice an Ariel over your dropped keys and with one hand reach out and grab them.


Okay maybe you are not doing an ariel to pick up your car keys, that’s okay. I’m just illustrating a simple point that we all to often are caught being lazy with our  muscles instead of cultivating strength, even when we are not in the “Gym”, little things can add spontaneity to your practice.

There are a multitude of times in everyones day when you can challenge your muscles for some good exertion while doing nothing other than performing simple daily tasks.

Being in the best shape of your life is only a choice. One you have to make for yourself. As soon as you decide to be Healthy and Fit you have already won half the battle. The Real Question is what are you willing to give up or go through in order to accomplish this goal? Hopefully you said everything and anything! There are no limits to what you can accomplish as long as you believe in yourself.




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When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. – Wayne Dyer


What a beautiful and magical journey one has embarked on when one decides truly to apply himself to art, whatever that chosen art may be. – Urstruly


He who believes in himself doesn’t need to convince others, he who appreciates himself doesn’t seek others approval, because the Master accepts himself the world accepts him. – The Tao Te Ching.


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